All Windows 8 Metro Themes

Recently Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview, after the release Windows 8 is making waves everywhere. Now some DeviantArt users have developed some really amazing Windows 8 Metro Themes for both 32-bit and 64-bit windows.
To use these themes you have to make some changes in Windows 8 Developer Preview system files. So you can run them easily on your windows. So select your favorite Windows 8 Metro Themes from the below list and install in your windows as per instructions.

1. Blue Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

2. Black Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

3. Purple Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

4. Windows 8 Dark Metro Theme [Download]

5. Gold Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

6. Blue Metro Theme [Download]

7. Darker Blue Windows 8 Metro Theme [Download]

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