How to know System information in Windows 8

his tutorial describes the procedure to access your System information running on Windows 8. System information generally gives you a clear idea about your PC/ computer’s hardware, software, drivers and the details about all the components connected to it. It is very much essential for any user to know about his system details before he starts working on it, let me give you brief idea about the details we are going to look into and what knowledge you can acquire from it. System information includes;

 System summary: Shows details about your PC and is operating system name, PC name, manufacturer details, memory available etc.
 Hardware: DMA, input/output devices, her it also shows the device status if its ok or not.
Displays software installed, print jobs, services, running tasks (including versions) driver updates and particulars about network connections.
Details about all the components installed for ex, CD drive, sound cards, graphic cards etc.

Steps to access System information
Click on START and select Search in metro screen as shown below.

  1.  Now select Apps which you see on the right side of the screen, and type ‘System information’ in the search box, 
  2. now that you can find it on the left side, click to open it.

 In the system information window double click on any category and select any subcategory to look into its details.

 If you are searching for a particular item detail, just type the name in the ‘Find what’ box which is at the bottom of the System info screen. For ex, I want to find DMA which is shown below.

That’s it now you can easily get the details of your PC and all its components, drop in your comments and let us know if the tutorial was helpful to you, and feel free to ask questions if you need any other details regarding this.

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