How to share folders in windows 8

If you have a home network and are running Windows 8 and you want share your forlders and your data with other computers in This tutorial will teach you how to share files and folders in Windows8
 Members of the Administrators or Power Users group can share folders on a Windows 8 members, Users have to be members of the Administrators or Server Operators group to share folders on a domain’s domain controller. Users that have the Create Permanent Shared Objects user right are able to share folders as well. To share folders on NTFS volumes, users have to minimally have the Read permission.

1-right-click and navigate to propriete 

2-click on sharing then click on share

 3-chose who you want share your forlder with...if you have many users you can choose any one or you can just click on everyone .and your folder will  be visible to every user

 4-after choosing your user click on add

 5 in your last step click on Done

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