turn on pop-up blocker in Windows 8

This tutorial guides you the procedure on how to block pop-up windows in Windows 8 developer preview. As we know these pop-up windows and advertisements of other websites and pages appear on your internet explorer pages on the information bar making uneasy while you are busy with some important work, the main reason for the pop-up windows is advertising, hence this tutorial is about how to disable these ads or pop-ups which come out on your website pages, for this we need to access internet explorer features which not only allows you to block pop-ups but also provides you an option where you can allow pop-ups for particular websites of your choice by entering the web address of it. So without wasting any time on description let us see the procedure to block pop-up windows in Windows 8.

Steps to block pop-up ads:
  1. Click and open Control pane from your Windows 8 Metro screen.

Now scroll down to the last option and open it which is More settings.

Click on ‘Network and Internet’.

  1. Open internet options as shown below.

  1. Now a new window opens called Internet Properties, here click on PRIVACY tab as shown in screen shot.

under Privacy tab you have all the options to turn the pop-ups On or OFF, by default pop-ups are disabled.

  1. Here as I told you earlier if you want to enable any pop-ups from a specific website, click on SETTINGS and enter the web address, select Add.. Once you are done with the settings, click on apply and OK.

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