Change Boot Screen in windows 8

after a while from using windows 8 and as every one we want to change the boot screen as we did in windows 7 or windows xp...but this time we want some thing special.

Back in June 2011, three Windows 8 builds were leaked to the web. Those builds were packed with a cool Betta Fish boot screen. Many of you might have even seen the pictures and videos of the Betty Fish boot screen. To speed up the boot time, Microsoft removed this boot screen and replaced it with a simple one in Windows 8 Developer Preview build

Users who are looking for a way to enable the beautiful Betty Fish boot screen in Windows 8 Developer Preview will be delighted to know that the old Fish boot screen can be enabled in Windows 8 DP with a simple workaround.  This workaround by our friend 3ricky114 allows you enable the Betta Fish boot screen in Windows 8 Developer Preview build.
The workaround involves replacing a default system files. So, we’d suggest you create a manual system restore point before attempting this procedure on your PC. We tested this workaround on Windows 8 Developer Preview build (x86) and can confirm that it works without any issues.
Step 1: Create a manual system restore point so that you can revert to the original system settings in case anything goes wrong.
Step 2: Open Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\Boot folder. Here, “C” is your Windows 8 drive letter.
Step 3: Locate Resources folder and then take the ownership of it with the help of our how to take ownership of files and folders in Windows 8 guide.
Step 4: Open Resources folder, rename bootres.dll file to bootresbackup.dll. We are not deleting the original bootres.dll file so that we can return to the original boot screen with ease.

Step 5: Now download the custom bootres.dll file from here. This bootres.dll file has been taken from Windows 8 7989 build.
Step 6: Copy the new bootres.dll file to C:\Boot\Resources folder. Reboot your PC to see the new Betta Fish boot screen. Good luck!
To return to the original boot screen, you can use the previously created restore point or follow the steps given below. Navigate to C:\Boot\Resources folder. Rename bootres.dll (the custom bootres.dll) to bootrescustom.dll. Finally, rename the bootresbackup.dll to bootres.dll. You are done.

13 Responses to “Change Boot Screen in windows 8”

Jerry Dodge a dit…
2 avril 2012 20:21

I do hope you mean "C:\Windows\Boot\Resources\"

saldriass a dit…
3 avril 2012 16:49

 yes...i do thank you

Hazem Ali a dit…
12 avril 2012 14:03

i have windows 8 consumer preview, tried it, but not worked

Hazem Ali a dit…
12 avril 2012 14:03

Type your comment here.way to change it???

saldriass a dit…
12 avril 2012 14:15

 this was working in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Kodl a dit…
4 novembre 2012 00:11

Link for .dll is dead, nothing there.

Rishabh Prajapati a dit…
23 mai 2013 00:50

can i put imagbe of my choice? Please answer me fast!!!

Rishabh Prajapati a dit…
23 mai 2013 00:51

Yes, you're right.

Rishabh Prajapati a dit…
23 mai 2013 03:01

can i put image of my choice? Please answer me fast!!!

Ernie Mink a dit…
27 septembre 2013 21:03

How do we change the phone that boots up just before the log on screen in Windows 8? it is the one that looks like the stratosphere in las vegas with a retro color look and has the clock on it in the lower left hand corner

TestUser a dit…
28 septembre 2013 13:19

Thats bad for me.

TestUser a dit…
28 septembre 2013 13:19

the icon, the text is bad but the loading is okay

Milo Robbo a dit…
26 mai 2015 02:13

I just tried it but it came up with this:

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