How to change Windows 8 Start Screen picture

I previously wrote articles about customizing Windows 8 Start screen by changing the Start screen background, “Start” text, Metro tiles icons, and the number of rows displayed on the screen. Windows 8 Beta is expected to come with an option to personalize the Start screen background picture and i add some cool pictures to add them in your background in last post. so you can download them from here: 

Windows 8 Start Screen Editor is a free utility (from the makers of popular Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator) that enables you change the Start screen background picture as well as the main background color with a click. Run the tool, click on the current Start screen picture background to browse to the image file that you wish to set as Start screen background and finally click Patch button to apply the new background.

As soon as you click the Patch button, you will see “Complete! Would you like to log off now to view changes” message. Click on Yes button to logoff immediately or click No button to manually log off later.

# Set your own picture as Start screen background
# Set plain color as Start screen background
# Change the default Metro background color

While using a new picture, you need to remember two things in mind. First, the picture file must be in .PNG format and second, the height of the image file should be double than the screen resolution. That is, if the screen resolution is 1440 x 900, then the picture height must be 1800 px.

Start screen editor also allows you change the main Metro background color (see the above picture). And if you  prefer a plain color to a picture, Windows 8 Start Screen Editor also helps you set a plain color as Start screen background. Simply select Don’ use background image option to set a plain color.

 Windows 8 Start Screen Editor is a portable application and is compatible with both x64 and x86 versions of Windows 8. We suggest you create a manual system restore point before running this tool so that you can easily revert to the original background without any issues.

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