How to delete temporary files in windows 8 using Run

Why you need to clear the temp files of your system??

Your computer stores some unwanted files in your system, Like if you have done some installations recently   or if you had run some files, Definitely it’s time to clean the temp file, Reason is you can gain the computer speed, By clearing the temp files your computer will be faster, So we recommend to do it as you can count on us, i know definitely back of your mind you might be thinking whether it might affect your system, well it will not effect as you might think, Your computer performance will increase.

Go to Run, type %temp%, and hit enter

A window will popup, now the files you see there is totally unwanted, so you can go ahead select all the files and hit the button “delete” in your keyboard or right click and select delete.

wait a moment tell deleting files finished.

After deleting the files, still the job is not over, Because the files would have gone back to recycle bin, Go to desktop and double click recycle bin icon, a window will pop, now click on empty recycle bin.
Now restart your system once to see the changes to your system.

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