How to fix metro tiles if not responding in Windows 8

After the Windows 8 Developers Preview most of the Windows enthusiasts are testing out the pre-beta build. One of the most common issues most of them have encountered, is when you try to click on a Metro tile nothing happens i.e. it won’t open any application. In this article I’ll suggest you few tips that would help resolve this problem.

Step 1:

According to lot of cases I have come across – in order for the Metro tiles to work, we need our screen resolution to be more than 1024×768. So make sure you have a display resolution on or over 1024×768.  To change the resolution Right click on Desktop and click on Screen Resolution.

Step 2:

It’s been reported that if UAC is turned off completely then the Metro applications won’t work properly. So make sure you don’t disable UAC. To check it

Click on Control Panel
Scroll down and click on “More Settings

Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety

Click on User Accounts

Then click on “Turn On or Off User Account Control

Make sure the you have set the settings to “Default” as shown in the below picture.

Step 3:

Some users have reported facing this problem when using Windows Live Account as the default login, if you are doing so, change it to Local account, i.e. Create a new Windows user make it login under Local account. Then see if it works.

Click on Control Panel and Highlight Users then click on Other users (Add User)

Now click on “More about logon options”.

Now select “Local Account

 Then fill in your information and Log off you account to log-in to new account.

Step 4:
Finally if you have issues with your Display drivers Metro tiles cause not to work. So I would recommend to install latest display drivers. If the drivers are not installing try to install it under compatibility mode. Few GPU manufactures has tweeted that they would send the drivers through Windows update. So apply all the Windows update and see if it works.
If nothing works then run a Repair Install of Windows 8.
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2 Responses to “How to fix metro tiles if not responding in Windows 8”

Keerthan a dit…
9 avril 2012 à 05:28

hey i checked all the setting but still it is not working.
what to do.........????? 

saldriass a dit…
10 avril 2012 à 04:03

tru to change the resolution of your screen....and where did you installed and use Windows 8 now??

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