How to install Facebook Messenger in windows 8

finally facebook has made a new messenger to facilitate access to your acount on facebook and chat with your friends ans read your messages .
this new application installed from internet. so you download just the setup and when you clikc on it downladed all the rest files from internet for.
you have to be connected to internet while installing facebook massenger.

today in this toturial i will show you how you can install facebook massanger in your windows 8 and with the same way you can install it in other OS. like windows xp or windows 7 or any other one .
the only difference is how to install Net.Framwork.
you can find here how to install all windows 8 and windows 7 Features

 so in this totutrial you will know how to install net.framwork in windows 8 just by an update so you dont need to downlaod it by your self.

first you need to download facebook massenger from here : :: Download :: 
1- double click on the setup .

2-Allow this programe so click on YES

 if you are installing it in your windows XP or and other system just let the programe downlaod the rest and it will installed by it self. if you are installing it in windows 8 or windows 7 and you don't have Net.Framwork in your computer so then you need to install it so move the next step.

when you will got this windows thas mean you dont have Net.Framwork in your computer so just click on Accept Change.

 wait tell your windows turn on the features and and check Net.Framwork .

click on Connect to windows Update

 wait tell your windows downlaod the update  and it will install it by it self.

 here after finish installing Net.Framwork go back to your FacebookMassneger Setup and click on it again double click. and wait about one minut.

 your facebook Massnger is readdy now so you can connect to your account and start chating to your friends

 please if you have any qustion post is as a comment below and i will try to give you the answer as soon .

2 Responses to “How to install Facebook Messenger in windows 8”

Doru Bancescu a dit…
8 août 2012 à 04:21

That”s not the problem, with Net Framework. In the installation proces it says: ”The installer encountered error 1603: Fatal error durin installation.„ Can you help me ?

Keymil a dit…
30 octobre 2012 à 00:23

Jachcik ładny ale Sandy i tak go pokona :)

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