How to use a new feature "narrator" in Windows 8

The newly launched Windows 8 (Developer preview) includes ‘narrator’ feature which allows you to hear the text as you type. In this tutorial we will discuss the procedure on how to enable narrator and the other standard settings of it. Before we start with the procedure, let me tell you how this narrator works.

Narrator helps you by reading texts and documents aloud, for ex., reading a computer error message which pops up when working on your PC. Below given steps gives you a clear idea about how to enable it and use.

Steps to open narrator on Windows 8 PC:
Click on START and select Search in metro screen as shown below.

Now select Apps which you see on the right side of the screen, and type ‘narrator’ in the search box, now that you can find it on the left side, click to open it.

A small narrator window opens as shown below where you can have look through all the other options like change speed, pitch, volume and new voice. Below given are set of keyboard commands which you can try or you can also press Windows key+Alt+F1 key to get list of commands.

* Cancel current message                                 Control
* Exit Narrator                                                  Windows+Alt+Esc
* Lock Narrator Keys                                       Windows+Alt+Z
* Pass key to application                                  Windows+Alt+X
* Repeat Phrase                                                Winows+Alt+V
* Increase Voice volume                                  Windows+Alt+Page Up
* Decrease voice volume                                 Windows+Alt+Page down

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