Creat or add a new local user account in windows 8

 In this tutorial, we will guide you through the complete steps on how to create a new user account in windows 8 (developer preview). Windows 8 OS allows you to create 2 different kinds of log on accounts;

Window live (E-mail address) : Allows you to set up an account with any email address with a password, and then log on to your PC, this Windows live account will sync with some of the settings.(Windows live syncs the settings like your browser favorites, history, shortcuts, language and password)
Local account: Allow to create a local user account to log on to PC. This account doesn’t sync any information or items you access on your PC.
Below given steps show the procedure on how to create a local account, as I mentioned earlier the difference is the local account doesn’t sync any info with your PC.

Steps to create a local user account in windows 8:

  1. Click on Start to open Windows 8 Metro UI screen and then select CONTROL PANEL as shown below.
  1. Now click and highlight users, now on the right hand side you see ‘Add a user’, click on it as shown in the screen shot.

  1. Now in the add user page click and open ‘More about logon options’.

  1. Here you see both the options to create Windows live ID or Local account, select local account tab.

Now enter the required User name and password of yours, make sure that you remember the password you type in., then click on NEXT.

Once it’s created the new window shows the message ’The following user will be able to log on to this computer’ with your user name. Now click on FINISH to complete this task.

 That’s it, don’t you think it’s a very simple procedure to create a new user account in Windows 8.

Video Tutorial

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