How to Change Mouse Scroll Wheel Settings in windows 8

Mouse Scroll Wheel Settings
Many of us don’t want to go with advance settings and most of the times technical people can easily understand tips and tricks. I use a lot of time the mouse wheel and as an advanced users I would like to configure my mouse wheel behaviour on my Windows 7 PC. The following is the guide and its applies to the Windows Vista too.
To configure mouse wheel setting on any Windows 8 PC or laptop, do the following steps:
GO to Start button and then clikc on search

type mouse and then click on Mouse. (Search button in Windows 8 makes it easy to search for programs very quickly).

 Now you would see the Mouse Properties tab open and then you need to navigate to Wheel tab. Under the wheel tab you will find the configuration controls to vertical and horizontal scrolling settings. You will have a control on with one notch how many lines to move at a time. And in horizontal scrolling tilt the wheel to scroll the a number of characters at a time. Through different trials and errors you would be having the best configuration which suits you.

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I hate windows a dit…
24 août 2013 à 11:19

This is why I use a mac. Fuck windows.

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