How to Creat A VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server on Windows 8

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology used to connect between private networks by using the public network (internet). VPN is the solution for data security and private network access through the public network. By using VPN, the data transfer through public network will be much more safer because it have been encrypted, this will also make it harder for an attacker to read the available data, because even when they successfully sniffing (peeking) attacker have to decrypt the data first so it can be read and to descript it you will need a key. Other than that, VPN is also a cheap solution rather than we have to rent a special line for our private network.
VPN is mostly used by companies or institutions to connect between the branch and the main office. By using VPN, the companies didn’t need to build their own network or rent a leased lines to connect between offices, which usually will cost much more higher compared to the price of internet.

VPN also useful for mobile users to stay connected to private office network. Users (employees) can use the available internet connection such as using GSM modem, internet facility from hotel, hotspot café, dial up connection, etc to stay connected with the office network. So it will be easier for users (employees) to work from anywhere.
On this tutorial, I will show you how to configure Windows 8 which will be used as a server.  For the computer which will be functioning as VPN Server, it needs to have an internet connection and public IP and for VPN Client, it will only need internet connection without any need for Public IP. Tutorial for the setting on VPN client will be explained on my next post.
To make VPN Server on Windows 8, do these following steps :
01. Open Control Panel from start menu, choose control panel then choose Network and Internet.or from metro interface click on control panel

 02. On Network and Internet page, choose Network and Sharing Center

03. On Network and Sharing Center, choose Change adapter settings

you need the menu bar so just click in Organize then layout and check Menu bar

 04. On Network Connection, click menu File then choose New Incoming Connection. On Windows 8 computer which will become the VPN server, you will find 2 NIC, one will be connected to internal network, and the others to external network (internet) and use Public IP, because this Public IP will be the one that we use as a gateway, for example I use IP

05. On page Who may connect to this computer?,  in here you can choose which users will be given access to connect VPN, when you want to add other users, you can click the Add someone button, when you finished, click Next.

 06. On page how will people connect? Don’t forget to choose Through the internet because we will use the internet connection to connect with the VPN Server

07. Next on page Networking software allow…., click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)then click Properties to allocate IP for VPN Client. If you want to use IPv6 IP, you can choose Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

 08. On page IP Properties, allocate IP for client, for example I will allocate IP from to, and don’t forget to choose Allow callers to access my local area network so you can access to your private network.

09. On page the people you choose can now…, will show the name of the computers from VPN Server then click Close.

 10. Next on Network Connection you will see Incoming Connection like what in the picture below.

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