How to Turn On or Off Navigation Pane in Windows 8 Explorer View

Navigation Pane in the Windows 8 Operating system PC allows you to quickly navigate from one section to another in your PC. An advanced user can easily understand it but a lot of users are searching for the ways to customize its appearances or tips to turn it off.
Now Explorer by pressing Windows Key + E both together.
Now go to the toolbar and select Navigation pane, then uncheck the Navigation Pane

This is how your screen will look after removing the Navigation Pane from the Windows 8 Explorer.

The same procedure can be used to again show the navigation pane

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1digger a dit…
11 novembre 2013 à 07:36

That's fine but what if you only want to turn off the "Preview pane?"
Can I say I HATE windows 8? Designed by gamers who think getting to the necessary tools to do your job is getting to a new level. You don't get anything done, just pissed! All of the windows 8 developers should be working at a game manufacturer, not a productity suite manufacturer.
If the developers think this is a good option, just try this at home, take your tool box, dump it out throughout your garage and home then begin working on your project; that is Windows 8 version of Microsoft productivity suites.

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