Game Booster for windows 8

Game Booster 3 is capable of delivering the best gaming experience to you even if you have an old PC. One-click to boost PC performance is not enough, Game Booster 3 also allows you to tweak your system for top PC performance. By temporarily shutting background processes and unnecessary Windows services, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance, Game Booster 3 concentrates every little system resource for gaming only.and its Designed for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
Click Boosting Game Performance Enhanced
    Game Booster v3 can easily and fast close background processes and unnecessary Windows services,
to speed up your game playing and avoid possible conflicts and incompatibility. With the innovative
"Enhanced 3rd parties' services detection" technology, Game Booster v3 can automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services.

Pure Gaming Environment with "Game Desktop" New!
    Game Booster 3 now is able to provide you a pure "gaming environment" that leaves only the gaming window on the desktop; thus you will not be disturbed by other programs during your gaming.

Tweaks System for Top PC Performance Enhanced
    Game Booster v3 can tweak your PC for the ultimate system and Internet speed with a single click.

Creates Your Own Game Box Enhanced
    Add and manage your games in a game box and boost the game automatically with Game Booster 3
when launching. 

Install the packaged content by running the self-extracting executable file. This will create a directory structure containing the redistributable files. Then add gdiplus into the installation directory of Game Booster 3

File Size: 5.29 MB
Version: V3.3.1
Added New Language:Serbian(cyrillic), Serbian(latin), Greek, Hungarian
License Type: Freeware

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