How to install and play chess Titans in windows 8

If you are looking to play this game in Windows 8 .for sure you have played it before in Windows 7. Chess Titans is a chess game developed by Oberon Games and it is included in Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Although it is a free and incorporated in Windows 7 Chess Titans seems to be very interesting and professional chess video game.

Those who run their PCs in Windows 8, unfortunately they cannot play Chess Titans because there is not
an official version of it dedicated for Windows 8tell now. But in this IT age there is always a solution, so I found it accidentally while browsing in DeviantArt for some Windows Utilities.and changed some things.
It is a portable version of the game dedicated to Windows 8 users.

after downloading chess for windows 8 try to unzip it and then click on chess to run it and start playing without any probelms.

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322323 a dit…
19 juin 2012 à 10:29


Uhus2 a dit…
19 juin 2012 à 10:30


Kaka a dit…
19 juin 2012 à 10:30

it really woRked

daeman a dit…
9 juillet 2013 à 16:43

thank you so much it works!!!

Jane a dit…
6 novembre 2013 à 07:08

So, where is the link to download chess titans? I see links for Andersen windows, and clicking the chess titan images above only enlarges the images. I don't want to download something else by accident. An obvious link to download chess titans would be helpful.

Sizzler a dit…
6 janvier 2014 à 01:51

Hover your cursor over the words 'chess for windows 8' under the description and click when the hand comes up. that's chess titans.

lkm a dit…
28 janvier 2014 à 09:13

why isn't it showing animation movement is there something i left behind?

set up or something ?? the option for displaying animation is blocked!!!

Priamos a dit…
29 juin 2014 à 10:19

This is not Chess Titans. You could at least give the real name of the program:

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