How to install windows 8 on Ipad

The new Operating System from Microsoft windows 8 is now the most imporant system on internet
all users looking just for it and waiting for the launch accordance with this Metro User Interface Windows that is just best for all the tablet users and lovers. This Metro UI in Windows 8 was developed
for all tablets that have touchscreens that includes iPad of Apple too. And so the Metro UI of Windows 8
that is popular feature that may be easily installed in an Apple iPad too.
befor widows 8 released all users were looking to install MAC OS X in their windows XP or vista or windows 7..but now every thing have changed and Ipad usres start looking to have the nice Metro UI on Ipads.
So if you are one from Ipad users and want to test windows 8 just follow this tutorial. and enjoy your new system with a wonderful interface.

Steps to Install windows 8 Metro UI on Ipad :
1.First install the Windows 8 in your own PC or just virtual machine. the Splashtop Remote Desktop for the iPad app directly along Apple’s iTunes app store.
3. install now the Splashtop Streamer in Windows 8.
4.Set up Splashtop Streamer on your computer and set a your password.
5.Run Splashtop Remote Desktop on your iPad your OS Windows 8.

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Bad a dit…
14 mars 2012 à 06:44

now that is very misleading.. you should change your title something like: how to install splash top in ipad to use windows 8...

Dada a dit…
29 janvier 2013 à 04:11

Yes the title of the article is misleading!

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