How to play Minesweeper in windows 8

Lots of info about Microsoft Windows 8 came out last weeks . I was able to score some pictures on the
most important parts .. the games. but there is no classic games as windows 7 or windows Vista or XP.
In our free Collection of free games today i will give you Minesweeper game for windows 8.
because i still like this kinda of games and want to play it even im using windows 8.

 this Minesweeper created by me from Vista  and its compatible with windows 8 .Minesweeper on Vista
 is roughly 3x more fun than Minesweeper on XP. and still better then the one in windows 7 with flowers.
Minesweeper is largely the same, but the new animations add some excitement to the desktop classic.
 Now when you accidentally uncover a mine, the game reveals all the remaining bombs and detonates them sequentially starting with the closest mines. The whole explosion sequence is much more dramatic than the simple unhappy face we get in Windows XP.
With sound effects, animation, and victory music galore

How to play Minesweeper  in windows 8?

when you downloaded Minesweeper first extract it from RAR file then :
copy "Vista.Emulation.dll" to : windows file  and to windows>system32 file.
then run the game from Minesweeper.exe

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Brian Dakin a dit…
5 juillet 2012 à 04:42

I did everything mentioned but still i cannot play minesweeper as it tells me that the system has run out of memory. Can anyone please help me play this game on windows 8? I am an

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