How to Play XP solitair in windows 8

every user of windows has play solitair many times ..and Microsoft's crusty old version of Solitaire has gotten a Metro-style overhaul for Windows 8. Purists might moan about some of the gameplay changes -- points are awarded for all card placement, and you can flip the deck unlimited times--but at least the annoying "ding" sound effect for invalid moves has been toned for that i like to use old one and play it as i did in all times .and you can do the same with XP Solitair in windows 8.

Windows Solitaire is just like the classic real life card game. The object of the game is to go through a deck
of cards and arrange the randomized cards in order by suit starting with each of the Ace cards all the way up
to the king. The player starts off with seven stacks of cards, the first stack with one card, second stack with
two cards, etc. as the player goes through each of the seven stacks and the primary stack of card they must stack each of the cards in order.

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