how to solve :This app can't open. The screen resolution is too low for this app to run error

i found a problem on net about this error :This app can't open. The screen resolution is too low for this app to run and they said that they installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Samsung NB30 netbook
or any other netwbook .and as we know all netbooks come with 1024×600 or lower screen resolution and the metro style need at least 1024×768 screen resolution.
so this will not let any one test windows 8 in his netbook and use it.if you are already installed windows 8 consumer prevwe in your Netbook
and you got the same problem .today i will show you how to fix it and enjoy your time with windows 8 Consumer Preview a beta version of windows 8

 from your keyboard press windows button+R to get Run windows because we will change a value in registry and then type regedit.

Now from registry Editor click on Edit>>Find

on Find windows type display1_downscalingsupported and check Mtach whole string only

now after you will get it just right click and choose Edit then change the value from 0 to 1 if you find more then one display1_downscalingsupported try to do the same of all of them.

this is the last step press OK and restart your computer.

then from your desktop try change the screen resolution and you will be able to see  1024×768 screen resolution. and you will jump this error.
 your screen still has a native resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels or less. All this hack does is try to trick your computer into thinking you have a higher resolution display using some funky pixel techniques. The end result is some text and graphics might look stretched, cramped, or just downright awful.

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10 Responses to “how to solve :This app can't open. The screen resolution is too low for this app to run error”

Elpiolin a dit…
13 avril 2012 à 15:48

I did what you said.........searching the registry........Finished searching throgh the registry.... posibility of chanching something..

Abdul Raheem a dit…
24 mai 2012 à 01:02

Very Good.., Working Fine.., Thanx

jess a dit…
22 août 2012 à 09:43

I changed it like u said, but it didn't stick. When I restart it keeps going back to 0.

Zed a dit…
25 octobre 2012 à 20:07

I tried this on Win8 Build 9200, and I just get a black screen and end up having to refresh the OS every time. I don't understand why Microsoft insists on producing shitty Operating Systems with limited support for computers.

disqus_6Y0E8M9AW1 a dit…
31 octobre 2012 à 16:20

it doesn't work if I try this crack on my win7 professional. or is everything supposed to look stretched and stuff after changing the resolution?

Nick a dit…
17 décembre 2012 à 09:28

Tried it on my Dell Mini - changed the only reg entry to 1 but made no difference - no more resolution choices came available. Bummer.

josh a dit…
26 décembre 2012 à 00:55

i have no display1_downscalingsupported

rambo a dit…
17 février 2013 à 12:17

after i restart, my screen became black..pleaseeeee help me!!! why this windows 8 cannot support my netbook??

elhassan boutahar a dit…
17 février 2013 à 14:55

id it doesnt work for you ....thats mean it doesnt support ur netwbook.
or try to install windows 32 bit.

James a dit…
5 janvier 2014 à 22:48

All you need to do, if you only need an app once in a while, is to hook up an external display to the VGA port on your netbook, increase the resolution on that display, then run your app. Simple and works without touching the registry

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