nvidia 296.17 drivers Supporting Windows 8

NVIDIA today released two drivers, the mainstream WHQL-GeForce 296.10, along with a 296.17 release, specifically for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview..Designed to allow for the use of Nvidia hardware with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview released last month, it also bundles in the few minor changes from the other just released driver, the WHQL certified 296.10.

For a full run down and download links, check out the Nvidia page.

According to the Hexus report, the 296.17 driver represents the start of a regular Windows 8 supporting release schedule, meaning all future updates should include it. However it's not just the operating system, but some of its built in features too, including: power reduction during certain media playback environments and better GPU sharing across multiple applications, making sure each one gets a fair share of graphical processing power.

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