play Vista Hearts in Windows 8

Windows Hearts for windows 8, Vista version?? Why?!? If you're a person like me, you start use Microsoft Windows 8 because you like it, because it's wonderful with new start screen and a lot of new applications
But, and there is always a but, you might have already used someone else computer, and in that computer
the operating system was Windows Vista.
Have you seen the games Windows Vista has?
They look much nicer than the one's Microsoft released in the early day's of XP or newer games in
windows 7.but with windows 8 no old games like we want.

So if we could port those games to our windows 8 system it would be great, wouldn't it?
i will post all vista games soon for  windows 8.but today i gived you Heart game for windows 8 so I hope
you enjoy it.

How to play hearts  in windows 8?

when you downloaded hearts first extract it from RAR file then :
copy "Vista.Emulation.dll" to : windows file  and to windows>system32 file.
then run the game from

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