Use Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

in this time we all have copies of Windows 8 Consumer Preview up and running,so its about time (if you have opted for a clean install/upgrade) for installing the apps you use in your day to day life.
 But to start with. you may require to check to see if your app/software is compatible with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
Windows 8 Compatibility Center lists all the compatible apps and add on devices for Windows 8 Consumer Preview,with categories ranging from Music players,Enterprise Application ,Security softwares,photo and video,business office to the likes of hardware devices like printers,scanners,storage devices,network devices and other input devices.

So you can browse through the categories or just search for your device or software in the search bar provided on the site.It also allows you to vote for a device or a software which is found to be working in your case,so that it helps others when they browse through the compatibility list for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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