Windows 8 Product Key Viewer

Windows 8 Product Key Viewer decodes the N character found in Windows 8 Developer Preview
and Consumer Preview.
And will also decode Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 product keys.
When you purchase Windows operating system, you should be given a product key to activate it. The product key is generally written on the CD-cover so that you can easily find and enter it whenever you need to reinstall operating system. Suppose you have lost the product key and you need to reinstall Windows,
one option is to contact Microsoft and request a new product key, which will take a lot of time and second option is to install a Key finder that can retrieve the key from Windows registry..

You just need to download and run Product Key Viewer, and it will give you the product key of your current Windows operating system.
Whats New:
Moved all code to pkeyui.exe and removed pkeyui1.exe.
Decodes Windows Product Keys.
Decodes product keys with N character.
Supports x86/x64

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seo india a dit…
18 mars 2012 à 02:51

thanks for sharing

saldriass a dit…
18 mars 2012 à 03:05

 welcom any time.

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