How to Run Apps in a Split Screen in Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has a great and nice feature that Microsoft has added for apps. You can split your screen and have an app run on the side of your desktop. That means the desktop will occupy a big part of the screen and the app will be shown in a smaller area on the side.
To do this, your screen resolution should be at least 1336 pixels or more. Just follow these steps to run an app in a split screen -
How split screen is enabled for a Metro app in Windows 8.
You need to open the Metro Start Screen and open your app e.g the Finance App.
Left click on the App and hold your mouse button. You will see the app appears in a small window.
Drag the app in the small window on either end of the screen horizontally.
Open the Metro Screen again and click Desktop.
You will now see the Finance App and Desktop simultaneously showing on the screen

This is a nice feature especially for people who would like to see their mail or messenger all the time on the screen.
Now if you want to show the Metro App in the larger screen take your mouse to the green column that separates the Metro App with your Desktop, you will see a change of cursor. Left click on it and drag it to the center of the screen and you will see the Metro App appearing on the larger screen and all desktop windows opening in the smaller screen

Unfortunately, windows 8 allows only one app to run in split screen. It would have been better if apps could be tiled up in the split screen. That way, you could see your mail, messenger, weather and other apps on top of each other along with your desktop.

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