install Google Drive in windows 8

Google Drive or GDrive, the only product from Google which has been in rumors for the past couple of years and yet many doubt about it existence. Google Drive is deemed to be a cloud based online storage service from Google which will offer online space to store your documents, media and other data similar to a DropBox. and Skydrive from Microsoft.It’s clear that Google is directly targeting and competing with Dropbox and Skydrive. Their free plan comes with 5GB of storage, if you want to have more storage the upgrade choice are very  broad. You get options to upgrade upto 16TB storage from Google, and that will cost you $800/month

You need to have an account with Google, if you do you can go ahead and download Google Drive at

Currently, Google Drive application is available for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. An app for iOS devices is coming soon. And the best part of the service is that you can search everything using a keyword right from your computer.

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