Windows 8 operating system does not boot or install on ESXi or ESX

Windows 8 fails to boot or install on any version of ESXi or ESX
Windows 8 is not working
Cannot use Windows 8 in ESXi or ESX
This article provides information about using Windows 8 in a vSphere environment.
Like many of you, VMware is getting familiar with Windows 8 preview. VMware is hard at work testing and enabling support of Windows 8 on vSphere.
Note: Windows 8 is not supported on ESX/ESXi 4.1. Windows 8, is listed as Tech Preview support for ESXi 5.0 Update 1 in the Guest OS compatibility guide. For further information on the Tech Preview support level, see Understanding guest operating system support levels (2015161).
Consider this guidance, which is based on testing Windows 8 up to build 8224:
Windows 8 Developer Preview release does not boot on ESXi 5.0. To resolve this issue, you must install patch ESXi500-201112001 (Patch 02):
Download and install ESXi500-201112001 (Patch 02). For more information, see VMware ESXi 5.0, Patch Release ESXi500-201112001 (2007680).
Create a new virtual machine configured for either Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2.
Enable 3d graphics or do not install VMware's WDDM video driver.
Install Windows 8 from Media.
Install Tools.
Note: VMware does not recommend installing VMware's WDDM video driver. Use the default VESA driver.
If you experience a black screen after installing VMware's WDDM video driver in a virtual machine with Windows 8, enable 3d graphics or reinstall the operating system and Tools without VMware's WDDM video driver.
USB xHCI is currently not recommended for use with Windows 8. To work around this issue, remove the USB xHCI controller or use the USB EHCI+UHCI controller.
Note: Any changes to the virtual hardware should be preceded by a full shutdown on the command line (shutdown /s /t 0 /full). Otherwise, the Windows 8 hibernate-shutdown may not fully detect hardware changes and you may experience a blue diagnostic screen or triple fault at boot.
vmxnet3 virtual NIC does not work in a Windows 8 virtual machine with ESXi 5.0. To work around this issue, use e1000e or e1000 NICs

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