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I've got an email from"Ave Maria Hurley" and she was telling me her exeprience with windows 8..so i asked her if she can Share this Article with all usres then she accepted it.....there we are the Article:

     A nice mild partly sunny Saturday. I began opening emails and received and invite from Microsoft for a preview evaluation copy of their new up and coming Windows 8. I had Vista, so I thought it would be worth trying their new version, beta copy.

Once it installed everything looked marvellous. I liked the screen and streamlined toolbar and start up.
Seemed like a new computer and after reinstalling Java, my web pages looked good too.
I stopped by at ArtRave.com and then went over to Facebook. It seemed so much faster initially that I went to the Windows9 like page on Facebook and said I installed and liked it.

Then I began looking to see how much hard drive I had left and it took a while to find my way into files and my slave drive, where I keep all my art and main programs, a hard disk I can put into any computer and save my important files on - Thank God.
Well I finally find the Computer part that showed how much was on each drive and noticed my C drive only has 8GB left of its 80 GB drive and thought it odd since I have my main files on another hard drive altogether.
I did a disc cleanup and defrag - typical maintenance but then checked for freeing up disc space and it showed I had duplicates of my Vista and previous versions that were set to users on my pc , but I am the only user.So going down the yellow brick road of folder and file checking, I began to compare files on the hard drive with ones on my slave drive and thought okay,I will go by the recommendation to create free space by allowing the clean disc to remove what it deemed unnecessary.
It showed the biggest folder to be "Previous versions of Windows" but had a note that it had separated them into Windows & Windows.old files . It said one could be accessed from there, so I took it as since that was the one they suggested cleaning, to click the okay to that.

It did what it said and my hard drive got alot of free space.
Then I went back to Facebook and tried to post comments and they wouldnt go through.
They would let me type in the comments but wouldnt enter... So I clicked over to ArtRave and it told me my security cert wasnt safe because I have a redirect name but I own the site~

[ ArtAve.com= AveHurleyIllustrations.ning.com] which of course is safe, but Bing now required I provide proof of ownership - so I try to see how to go about creating this security certificate as I recall some former member writing me that she saw that on her computer which got me thinking perhaps that happens to others as well, so now was as good a time as any to learn how and to create my site certificate.

I wanted to write a letter to Microsoft but found as in Facebook I was limited in what I could do and couldnt comment.
Before going any further I thought perhaps the new Beta version of Windows8 relies on some of my old files which it deleted earlier, so next step along the way was to find System Restore which it said it had saved the most recent version, which also was well hidden on the Windows8, but after 10 mins more I found it and began the restore, despite knowing it was going to put my GB usage back up high but I figured first get it running then look for what is safe to delete...

The restore took a couple of hours. The computer restarted and was still on the Windows 8 , I thought that was ok as long as my old files were back in there. Thats where the real problem began.

All my passwords were erased~!! bEsides on my old windows I never started it with a password and used to just hit the enter button but now I was locked out. It showed my windows life ID email addy but wouldnt accept my email password. I soon found that Windows 8 has no recovery for this.It doesnt even have a help or hint buttin or a password recovery option.
I tried every password I have used over the passed year and none of them would work. I tried them capped and uncapped but every time it came back as wrong password.

After another 3 hours of trying, including altering my BIOS in F12 and seeing that F8 doesnt exist in Windows 8 and there is no safe mode~ or at least I had no access to it.

I was hopelessly locked out of my computer and had to call my son down to try and bypass the password since he does computer repairs. He tried for over an hour and asked why I passworded the computer and I didnt recall ever doing that but without a password, there was no way Windows 8 was going to let me start. I guess that is my biggest complaint .

My computer was so locked up my son couldnt access the Factory Restore~!!! Rather than pummelting my computer to death with a hammer, the only reasonable thing left to do was reinstall a previous version from a disc.
I dont have the original Vista disc as it came preloaded~

My son just bought a Windows7 disc so he said he would let me have it and then after alot of difficulty was able to get the hard drive to accept it. He was almost going to put another hard drive on altogether but it was last attempt that this hard drive accepted and formatted the new Windows 7 version,

Before doing that he had to remove my slave drive and removable drives basically stripping the computer of all externals. He then installed a new CD rom and then was able to install the disc onto the hard drive...

Meanwhile I watched the Sci-Fi channel with wierd spider and earthquake movies, lol.. as I wanted to be able to walk away from the TV any moment and those are the types of clss "B" movies that I can walk away from uninterested. They also have a lulling effect on me as I took a nap or two inbetween all the changes taking place on my computer.
"It's installed", he told me as he took his disc and walked victoriously up the stairs. "Now its doing updates - 118 of them - every one from day one, all over again, so it wll take a while"....

Impatiently I checked every 15 mins or so to see the number rising 38/118, 51/118, 77/118 as the numbers rose til finally they were all installed.Then it restarted and began 'configuring 1 of 3', restarting after each segment. So at about 4am Sun I am now able to get online, in time to install Flash and whatever other Java I will need.
First test page - my email - second - ArtRave and now the tasks of finding all my favorite bookmarks will begin, as I lost all 300+ of them. Many I will be able to recover at ArtRave~ in the Directories.

Now as to trying to figure out all my passwords again, thats another story yet to be told. For now I am glad just to see I can write a blog.

Next step I will have to turn off the computer and attach my slave drive~ I thought for all those of you out there that have been waiting for answers to your email, I would make this blog for this Saturday Jun 23-24th and if I am not back soon~ then I am working on fixing something else..
Meanwhile early this morning I had gone back to my doctor for new medications to help with my legs. The swelling is down almost all the way after 6 months but I need to take a stronger antibiotic to stop this onset of Cellulitis. I am still scheduled to see the surgeon about my left rotator cuff surgery coming up soon and have to be free of any infections before they can schedule the surgery. I think it will be within the next few weeks, but will let you know when as I might be off line a day or two.
Have a great Sunday~ If it is warm enough tomorrow I am going up to Bendigo State Park and do more aqua aerobics in their pool.
While I initially liked Windows8 I am now afraid to load it ontop my my new Windows7 and think I will wait til it has a password recovery and easier access to the control panel and computer drives.
thx for :)Ave

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