Zipwhip app for windows 8

Zipwhip brings your text messaging (SMS / MMS) to the cloud so that you can send and receive texts using your existing mobile number via the Zipwhip desktop app.
Works for mobile subscribers globally.
TEXT FROM YOUR DESKTOP. If you use a computer and text like we do you must experience the Zipwhip desktop app downloadable during registration at It will change your life.
YOUR EXISTING MOBILE NUMBER. All texts sent or received via Zipwhip use your mobile number. We believe that your mobile number is your mobile identity.
YOUR FRIENDS DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE APP. It’s text messaging not mobile IM which means 99% of all phones in the world will get your messages.
NO HIDDEN COST. Since Zipwhip uses your phone to send and receive texts as long as you have a text messaging and data plan with your wireless carrier it just works.
YOUR MMS (MULTIMEDIA) TEXTS ON YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN. When you get your first photo instantly on your desktop you’ll understand the power of cloud texting. View the image full screen.
CONTACT SYNC. When you first install Zipwhip on your phone we upload the contact names and text messages from your phone’s native messaging app giving you instant access to the people you text most.
YOUR PHONE’S TEXTS SYNC’D AND ACCESSIBLE WHEREVER YOU ARE. Whenever you receive a text to your phone the Zipwhip app instantly syncs it to the Zipwhip desktop and cloud.
INTERNATIONAL TEXTING. With Zipwhip you can send texts to anywhere your phone can. If your text messaging plan lets you send to international phone numbers then so do we.
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