windows 8 Update and Error Codes 8024A000, 80246003, 80CF401C,80096002

I've been having a lot of issues using Windows Update to update my Windows 8 RTM machine. The errors codes I've come across while looking for a fix were 8024A000, 80246003, and 80CF401C among maybe one or two more that I have unfortunately not written down.

I have Windows Intune installed on my computer and both Windows Intune and Windows Update would detect updates to install, but it would fail and return the errors above when I attempted to update. I wasn't even able to install the Windows 8 updates.

Here's what I've done to (finally!) update my computer successfully. I can't say that this will work for you, but this is what worked for me. You'll be required to restart your computer multiple times throughout this process.

First, figure out what updates you need to install for Windows 8.
Open the Start Screen by pressing the Windows key or using the hot corner, and type in update. Under Settings, select Install optional updates.  
If your updates do not appear, click Check online for updates from Microsoft Update and select Review important updates.

If you're using Windows Intune, when the prompt shows up to install or review updates, choose to review the updates.

Find the updates required for Windows 8, and search for the update here and download the necessary install files. For my 64-bit machine, I needed to update KB2756872. The file you need to download is Windows8-RT-KB2756872.msu. (You'll see a note about using delmigprov.exe to fix an issue in computers that were upgraded to Windows 8. I upgraded from Windows 7, but this file didn't seem to do anything to fix my issue.)

KB2756872 includes audio updates and can cause a conflict with your currently installed sound driver, which results in an update failure. To prevent failure, open the Start Screen and search for Device Manager. Under Settings, open the Device Manager. Under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, uninstall your sound driver by right clicking it and selecting uninstall.

Open the downloaded update and install it when prompted. You'll be asked to restart your computer.

After the update has been installed, open up Windows Update like in Step 1a and check for any other Windows 8 updates that still need to be installed. Uncheck all other updates and install only the Windows 8 ones. You might need to restart your computer again, install them one by one, or download them from online if they fail.
Then through Windows Update or Windows Intune, install your remaining updates. They should succeed and you'll be required to restart your computer as needed. Repeat this step until all updates have been installed.
Reinstall your sound driver if your sound driver does not get reinstalled during the update process.
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