Windows Blue review

Windows 8 is here. With upgrades, new Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT devices released at the end of October, this is our definitive verdict on the full, finished Windows 8 operating system.
If you've been following Windows 8 through the development process, especially if you've tried the Release Preview, Windows 8 won't surprise you.
The changes between the Release Preview and RTM aren't major, except possibly the removal of Aero Glass transparency from desktop windows and turning Do Not Track (DNT) on by default.

Much of what we're seeing in the windiws blue will be the same on Windows RT systems as it is in Windows 8. Most features - from the Start screen user interface to the touch gestures, to the Windows desktop and built-in Windows tools such as File Explorer and Task Manager - will be practically identical (although we don't have a definitive list of which built-in tools will be built in with Windows Blue).
The vast majority of apps in the Windows Store maybe will run on both.

we will keep you updated will all windows blue news....

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